Connecting Austria officially started at TRA2018 Vienna  

The flagship project Connecting Austria (bmvit/Innovation) researches on semi-automated and energy-efficient truck platoons with specific focus on infrastructure and overall traffic issues. What is needed to safely and efficiently set up an energy-efficient platoon, to maintain a platoon, and to go back to a regular transport mode at Austrian roads? Key objective is evidence-based evaluation of energy-efficient and semi-automated truck platoons. 

In three years, four use cases are explored by 13 company and research partners: (1) Trucks ener the highway and form a platoon; (2) Truck platoon approaches a hazardou location; (3) Truck platoon leaves the highway; (4) Truck platoon crosses an intersection. It is planned to have several testing grounds in Salzburg, Upper Austria and Vienna. 

Hitec is proud to be the coordinator of Connecting Austria (






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